Claims Preparation

Claims Preparation Services
  • Review of Daily Reports.
    We will review the Project Daily Reports and compile a database of the events on the project. The information from the Daily Reports will be used to identify the causation of the impacts and delays on the project.

  • Schedule Analysis.
    Using the data from the review of the Project Daily Reports, we will analyze the Project Schedule and compare the anticipated schedule events to the actual project events. This information will highlight areas of interest. There are three components to the schedule analysis:

    1. Preparation of As-Built Schedules.
      The information obtained from the Daily Reports and the schedule analysis will be organized and collated to create an As-Built Project Schedule.

    2. Review of As-Bid Schedules.
      The As-Bid Schedule (aka Baseline Schedule) will be reviewed and analyzed to identify key Project Milestones, trade relationships and performance expectations.

    3. Preparation of As-Bid vs As-Built Schedule Comparisons.
      After the preparation of the As-Built Schedule, and the review of both the As-Built and As-Bid Schedules, we will organize the information obtained, and prepare a comparison of the two schedules. This comparison will highlight areas of conflict where the as-bid conditions and the as-built conditions differ.

  • Cost Analysis.
    Review of all project cost to contrast the as-bid and the as-built project costs thus identifying key issues that are the primary drivers of the cost impacts sustained on the project.

  • Impact Analysis.

  • Preparation of Graphic Illustrations.

  • Staff Interviews.