Project Management

Project Management Services
  • Coordination.
    We will coordinate the interaction of the design team, the construction team and your development team to ensure compliance with the goals and objectives that you define.

  • Document Controls Services.
    We will provide all the necessary tools to manage the document flow of the project.

  • Budgeting.
    We will assist your team in creating the budget for your project. Our budgets are based on real-time marketplace conditions as compared to boiler plate estimates provided by our competitors.

  • Monitor and manage project budget.
    We will prepare periodic reports for managing the progress of the project.

  • Schedule analysis.
    We will prepare schedules for the project indicating all the relationships between the different components. We will also monitor the progress of the project based on the schedule.

  • Risk management.
  • Purchasing.
  • Project approach and site logistic studies.
  • Qualification and Recommendation of Contractors.
  • Contract Negotiations.
    We will negotiate contracts with vendors, consultants and subcontractors on behalf of your team. All our negotiations are transparent and your team is welcome to participate in our negotiation sessions. We will present the results of our negotiations to your team for evaluation and approval.