Construction Management

Construction Management Services
  • Pre-Construction.
    Our pre-construction services include coordinating meetings with the design team, the stakeholders and the owner’s team. We will liaise with all team members to ensure that the resources you allocate to the project are managed and utilized efficiently.

  • Conceptual Estimates.
    After the initial concept for the project is established, we can prepare a first look at the project cost at a conceptual level, by utilizing cost models from similar projects. We will adjust these cost models to compensate for current market conditions.

  • Preliminary Budget Development and Analysis.
    A preliminary budget can be developed after the design solutions have been articulated and published by the AE team. We will coordinate with your team and the AE team to analyse the results of the preliminary budget for consistency with your goals.

  • Development and Analysis of Schedule.
    Early on in the development of the project, it is critical to have an understanding of the probable factors that will influence the duration of the implementation process, including construction time. We will develop a master schedule and collaborate with your team and the design team to analyse the anticipated schedule duration. The result of the analysis will be an evaluation of the consistency of the anticipated duration with your productivity and / or ROI objectives.

  • Development of Contractor Scopes of Work.
    In preparation for the bid process, we will develop scope descriptions for the various components of the project. Each scope description will be detailed sufficiently to delineate each trade contractors responsibilities in a quantifiable manner.

  • Preparation, Distribution and Review of Bid Packages.

    All bid packages will include the Scope of work, detailed instructions, a comprehensive bid form and sample documents to be utilized in project management. We will prepare these bid packages for review by the team, prior to distribution to the contractors.

  • Qualification and Recommendation of Contractors.
    In collaboration with the team, we will develop the criteria for qualification for bidding on the project. The published criteria for qualification will be used as a measure for the selection of bidders. The selected bidders will be submitted for review by the team prior to the invitation to bid being sent out.

  • Contract Negotiations.