About Us …

Aham E. Nwede, LLC is a boutique consulting firm and service provider for the Construction and IT industries. Our services are curated to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our clientele includes owners, corporations, organizations (both for-profit and non-profit), contractors, subcontractors and vendors. We collaborate with a network of other specialized consultants using the benefits offered by the information superhighway. By so doing, we eliminate overhead elements that traditionally add cost to your projects.

Aham E. Nwede, LLC is organized specifically to meet the challenges of our world as it is today. Le Corbusier put it very aptly when he described a building as “a machine for living in”. This definition of a building is more appropriate now, than it has ever been. Buildings are getting smarter and more inter-connected with our lifestyles:

  • Growing concerns for environmental safety have generated the need for the use of synthetic materials as viable alternates for traditional materials.
  • Building space conditioning now requires very efficient systems that actively conserve energy.
  • Concerns for security have created the need for software driven security systems.

The state of the art calls for a professional who understands the various dynamics that affect modern buildings – dynamics that are at the very core of the human experience . . . an experience enriched by its potential for continual evolution.

The Art requires an understanding of the human experience and the technological advances that affect it; and the ability to merge the two together to create a safe environment.

This objective can only be achieved by a collaboration of the design, technological and environmental professionals. Such a collaboration enhances the building process and creates unprecedented benefits for the client.

The driving force behind Aham E. Nwede, LLC is Aham Nwede, a management professional with over twenty years of experience in architecture, construction and related fields. Having grown up in a suburban, agrarian community, Aham Nwede is very aware of the concerns for responsible and sustainable practices targeted at improving the health and survivability of our environment.

At Aham E. Nwede, LLC we love what we do, and we care – about you, your project, your bottom line and the impact of our collective choices on the built environment.