Delivery Methods:

We offer several delivery methods of our services for you to choose from. These delivery methods include:

  1. CM Multi-Prime.

    Our CM Multi-Prime / Trade Contracting project delivery method is a popular means of completing a project because it permits a greater level of controlling the selection of subcontractors and eliminates the markup of trade contracts typically evident in the General Contracting model. Some of the advantages of the multiple prime contractor approach are:

    • The process allows for a greater participation by local trade contractors.
    • Eliminates the General Contractor’s premium costs.
    • Roles are clear after responsibility matrix is developed.
    • You (the owner / client) have a professional construction manager on your side.
    • The multiple trade construction contracts are fixed-price based on complete documents with little room for change orders.
    • Our fiduciary responsibility is with you, and we have no interest in causing the project costs to increase.
    • Our responsibility is to protect your interest, not that of the A/E or the trade contractors.
    • We bring a fair and equitable perspective to the relationship of all team members.
    • We will replace the GC and thereby reduce the GCā€™s overhead and profit/expenses.

    There are perceived disadvantages to this delivery method. We have solutions to resolving these perceptions. The perceived disadvantages and our solutions are as follows:

    1. Construction can’t start until design is complete.
      This is not entirely accurate. With a properly structured project approach, construction may very well start well before the design is complete. However, there is no real advantage to starting prior to completion of design, as the evolution of the design may require modifications to work in place, and such modifications would introduce undesirable cost increases to the project.

    2. Multiple contracts may create administrative difficulty.
      That is a very correct statement. Administrative difficulties are a derivative of the construction process. The objective here is to assign such administrative tasks to qualified personnel. With the General Contracting model, such tasks are usually assigned to the Project Engineers or internal administrative personnel. We will assist our clients with the selection of qualified personnel for managing these tasks.

    3. Multiple contracts may cause 3rd Party liability.
      There are always third party laibilities in every project. With the General Contracting model, 3rd party liabilities are opaque and therefore deceptively absent. With the Multi-Prime delivery method, they become transparent. That makes 3rd party liabilities easier to manage.

    4. Lack of a single, guaranteed, bonded price for the total project.
      Every GMP carries contingencies in all the trade costs. These are usually designated as ‘exposure holds’. The ‘exposure holds’ are typically controlled by the General Contractor. At your request, we can provide the same ‘exposure holds’ within your budget. The difference is – you get to control how they are used!

  3. Agency Construction Management

    Our Agency Construction Management (ACM), or construction management-for-fee delivery method encompasses a range of services. You can use these services as necessary to extend or supplement your own expertise, the expertise of your staff, and to manage the construction process to help address some of the shortfalls of the project delivery system chosen.

    We provide the benefit of an independent, professional opinion on your behalf throughout the project. We have no vested financial interest in the project ā€” in either its design or construction ā€” and we act exclusively on your behalf to provide impartial advice concerning the project delivery process.

    Our ACM services are structured as follows:

    1. Pre-Design and Design:
      Some services typically offered to our clients during the planning stages include the following:

      • Selection of a design team: Based on our historical experiences in the market, we can assist you in selecting the most qualified design team to develop project plans and specifications. We can also assist you in evaluating various potential construction sites.
      • Budget and Cost Estimating: Preliminary budgets, based on historical data for similar projects, will assist you in determining the feasibility of initial scope. More refined estimates are developed during the design process to pinpoint the necessary construction budget, and provide a basis of comparison to contractor bids.
      • Constructibility Review: A review of design plans and specifications will help you verify that the design as presented is clear to the contractor, poses no construction conflicts, and is economically feasible to build.
      • Value Management and Analysis: A multi-disciplined team reviews project features to ensure that the necessary functions you defined are provided in the most cost-effective way, both in terms of initial and life-cycle costs.
      • Contract Bidding: We can assist you in pre-selection of contractors and development of the bid package to ensure that the contractor selection process is fair and provides you with the best value.
    2. Construction Phase: We provide a variety of services during construction, including the following:
      • Project Controls: These services are provided to ensure that the project is efficiently and effectively managed. They include maintenance of project correspondence, conducting progress meetings, handling submittals and requests for information, documentation of progress, review of pay requests, schedule reviews and schedule updates.
      • Change Order Review: These services include negotiation of change orders with the contractor, coordination with the designer over design changes, determination of responsibility for changed conditions or coordination conflict, and review of price and schedule changes.
      • Project Closeout: Review of the project to ensure orderly and timely completion, including development of punchlists; monitoring of implementation, training and warranty periods; resolution of outstanding issues; review and analysis of claims or disputed issues.

    Our services can provide the careful planning and organization skills that can help prevent costly problems during construction. Properly executed services such as constructibility reviews and preliminary scheduling can result in significant risk reduction and cost savings.

    Since we have no stake in the construction contracting, our advisory role throughout the design and construction process can maximize the benefits of your capital investment.

    We encourage you to tailor your selection from our menu of services to your needs in order to provide the best combination of project control and cost. Whatever your needs are, we will seek a mutually beneficial combination of services to meet those needs.


Regardless of which delivery method you choose, our scope of responsibilities will encompass the entire process of developing and constructing the project, including:

  • Managing The Design Process – Our background in architecture affords us an understanding about how the design team functions, and the knowledge of the process of shaping all the elements of the built environment (including buildings / parts of buildings, interiors, exterior landscapes, urban environments), from concept to construction documentation. We will monitor and manage all design decisions and inform of you their budgetary implications.
  • Managing The Construction Process – Our knowledge about how a beautiful and functional building (or other environment) is built, is gained from actual construction experience; on-site project management (involving leadership, organizing / supervising workers, financial oversight, artistic discernment). We will assist in monitoring the performance of the Construction teams and manage conflicts between the Design Team and the Construction team.
  • Conflict and Risk Management ā€“ We will monitor the performance of your projects with a focus on risk management . We will assist in mitigating the impact of any identifiable risk.